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An Eager Fan is Adding a Little Fable 2 into Valheim



Valheim Cover

Fable 2, is the follow up for the epic cult hit game Fable. Although, the sequels could not raise to the heights of the original game, they were great in their own rights.

Today, Fable as in IP has gathered a huge following. Many people love this role playing masterpiece. In the second game, one of the most important locations is Castle Fairfax. It’s a huge castle and fortress raising high above the town of Bowerstone.

A faithful recreation

Now a fan is recreating the whole castle within Valheim. If you ask me it’s quite the undertaking. However, looking at what people have achieved with Minecraft, it’s definitely possible. We will have to see where this project goes. It’s still in early WIP days.

The progress is slowly being updated on the official subreddit of Valheim. User u/_-GH05T- is the dedicated player working on this epic fan project. When you look at the screenshots, you can tell that there is still a lot to do. Let’s hope he will be able to complete it.

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