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Anger Foot: The Free FPS Where You Kick Doors



Anger Feet Featured

First we had the game Door Kickers, a game about highly trained SWAT forces. Now we get Anger Foot, the game literally about kicking doors. It you are looking for a quick paced free fps you should definitely check out Anger Foot.

Your Anger Foot in the Face of the Enemy

Your main weapon in Anger Foot is, yes you guessed it right, your feet. Plus doors that you kick in. It’s a super high paced free to play FPS. The game reminds me a lot of an FPS version for Hotline Miami. This game is developed by the same people that gave you Broforce. No wonder, that it’s a crazy fast game, which tries to blend fun with funny.

The 7DFPS Wunderkid

Originally this game was created for the 7DFPS game jam in December. The team that made the game liked it so much, that they continued to develop it. The team worked hard to expand the original idea. The game is now packed with weapons as well. You get access to pistols and shotguns to get a better chance against the mobs of the underworld.

The game in it’s current stat is a ton of fun. You will blast through rooms of enemies, dressed in jumpsuits. Some of them are equipped with baseball bats, while others will come after you with a gone. Then there are a bunch of them, who only exist to be killed. The happily stand around, behind a locked door, just waiting for you to kick the door right into their face. All the while, epic electronic music is pumping in the background, to make the experience complete.

Anger Foot Screenshot

You can try Anger Foot out for yourself, free on

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