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Bloodroots Out Today on Steam



Bloodroots Featured

Indie game Bloodroots is coming out on Steam today. As it’s already out on Nintendo Switch we can know what to expect. However, if you are on the fence, grab the free demo and try it yourself.

Bloodroots is a game set in the wild west. However, looking at the main character I always felt like I’m coming straight out of a Nordic fairy tale.

The main gameplay is very similar to the fast-paced Hotline Miami. You die in just one hit from any enemy. Add to this, you don’t actually have any weapons, to begin with. For you to have a fighting chance, you will have to adapt and use the items you find in the environment.

These items, that you will use as weapons, come in many forms. Sometimes it’s a huge carrot, sometimes it’s a fish, while another time it’s a deadly sword. One of the amazing things about this game is the ability to obliterate your enemies in a ton of ways, some of which are quite hilarious.

The game has a great stylized graphics style. Nothing to call home about, and definitely not as stylized as something like Hotline Miami. However, the low poly isometric view fits the game perfectly. The only problem I found is that the camera will zoom out unnecessarily far at times.

If you are interested in Bloodroots, you can grab it today from Steam. Although it lacks the final polish of Hotline Miami, it’s still a ton of fun and a good indie.


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