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Brand New Indies Coming to PS5



Disco Elysium

Sony has announced an exciting list of indie games that are coming to the PlayStation 5 system. This is always welcome news, as new systems have limited games available. Let’s see what are the indies that come to PS5 in the near future.

1) Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is an indie released back in 2019. The game was a PC exclusive before, so you will be pleased to learn it’s coming for PlayStation. This crazy point and click adventure have received a very positive reception on release.

The console version will be a ‘Final Cut’ with new quests and some QoL overhauls to make gameplay easier.

2) Puzzling Places

Games like this make me wish I had a VR Headset available. In Puzzling Places, you will be piecing together real-life locations in Virtual Reality. Looks like an incredibly chill and fun game. Especially great for all those missed travel opportunities due to COVID.

3) Heavenly Bodies

Another puzzler, Heavenly Bodies, takes place in space. You can expect a lot of physics-based challenges in this one. You, as the astronaut will be tasked to keep the space station in one piece, and perform all the required maintenance and repair.

4) NOUR: Play With Your Food

I still can’t wrap my head around NOUR: Play With Your Food. A new trailer is out describing how music and food are connected inside the game. Sure, it looks fun, but for how long? I think it’s one of those ‘creative’ games where I’ll see all the amazing creations on youtube. Then when I try them, I will fail miserably to create anything of worth. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

5) Operation: Tango

Operation: Tango is a co-op game for PS5 and PS4. According to the trailer, you will be able to play with your friends, even if you are on different systems. Looks interesting due to it’s asymmetrical design. Hopefully both of the roles will be fun to play.

6) Where The Heart Leads

Where the heart leads is a game about story telling. Allegedly, there are a ton of multiple endings, depending on your choices during gameplay. If I’m honest, I can’t wait for this one. Absolutely love games where my choices matter, and this one looks to be taking the crown in that regard.

7) Chicory: A Colorful Tale

In Chicory: A Colorful Tale your objective is to restore color to the world. To achieve this, you have a magical paintbrush, that you can use to pain and color everything around you.


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