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Can’t Drive This – Drive Through Chaos Next Friday



Can't Drive This Featured

Can’t Drive This is a brand new upcoming game from developers Pixel Maniacs. The game is actually already available as a Steam Early Access title. However, next Friday the devs will release the 1.0 version on PC and Consoles (next and past gen both).

The driving game Can’t Drive This is an amazing looking co-op title. You can play both locally with your friends in split-screen mode, or jump into the online multiplayer portion. In the full release, the devs will include online matchmaking, so you can play, even if none of your friends owns the game.

Can you actually drive this?

The premise of the game is simple. One player drives a monster-truck while the other builds the track. The further you go the more points you get. However, for the player building, the track tiles are totally randomized. This means quick thinking and a ton of bad decision. The poor driver can only work with whatever is provided by the other player. If you are a good driver you can definitely salvage some bad situations, however.

Full of vehicle customization, hours of fun and misunderstanding, Can’t Drive This looks like a great party game. We will definitely keep an eye out for this release. You can visit the Steam page here.

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