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Coral Island: A Stardew Valley Contender?



Coral Island Featured

I’ve just seen the game Coral Island pop-up on Steam. When I opened up the store page, I immediately got Stardew Valley vibes. It’s being developed by Stairway Games, and funding was provided via Kickstarter. In fact, the game was funded in less than 36 hours and has raised more than a million dollars. Let’s hope the dev team will make good use of the money, and give us an amazing game.

A farm to manage

Looking at the description and the game trailer, it is clear, where the game goes for inspiration. We all know and love Stardew Valley, but I think there is a place for more than one great game in the genre (yes, I know Animal Crossing exists).

This time we will be able to manage our farms in 3D. The story is basically the same, you give up the city life to manage a farm. In the meantime, you will meet friends, form friendships, and find love. Hopefully, you’ll also not get a good farm going without bankrupting yourself.

One interesting theme of the game is the local coral reef. You will dive into the water from time to time to remove trash and repair this natural wonder. Although the game tackles the issue of global warming very lightly, I am still happy to see these issues making their way into gaming. It’s always good to raise awareness.

Will it be unique?

All I am hoping for, is that the game will find it’s own voice. Currently it looks EXACTLY like Stardew Valley. Oh yea, it takes places in a different setting and it’s 3D. Well, in my book, that’s not enough to make it a different game.

It has a dungeon for you to hone your fighting skills. Then there is fishing, growing crops and animals. You also have the coral reef, something ‘old’ and ‘forgotten’ to repair. Looks like you will meet mermaids as well, so you have magical creatures. It all sounds VERY familiar.

If you wish to learn more, you can check out the trailer for yourself.

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