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Cyberpunk Design Lead Abandons Ship



Can we still call CD Projekt Red indie devs? I’m not sure anymore, looking at the professional release of the Witcher III. On the other hand, if I look at the absolute amateur Cyberpunk 2077 I think they are still an indie.

Just think about it: they created amazing ideas, with a very beautiful game world and nice story. However, every single gameplay element is unbaked or lacking in features. Sounds like an indie to me! Too bad they have achieved it with huge staff!

Andrzej Zawadzki Out Of CDPR

The design lead for Cyberpunk 2077 Andrzej has just recently announced he will continue his career outside of CD Projekt Red. He was among the people who assured everyone the game will improve upon release and become what was promised. At this point it is unclear why he left the company.

If I am honest, I am a little bit worried. Is it a sign that Cyberpunk is being abandoned? There is a high chance that the departure is based on a misunderstanding between design and management. At this point, I am extremely worried about the future of CDPR. They had their shot with the Witcher, however Cyberpunk was hugely mismanaged.

Let’s see if others will follow Andrzej or no more departures in the near future. If other’s follow this could be the beginning of the downfall. In my opinion CDPR need a management refresh to put the company into capable hands.

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