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Dorfromantik Early Access Look



Ever wanted to build a world out of hexagons? I’m sure you do, after all, hexagons are not too unfamiliar for us gamers. Especially for those who like to play the occasional 4X or Turn Based Strategy games. Today, you can meet Dorfromantik. Although it has a weird name, it does propose one thing: romance.

Well not the movie style cheesy version of romance. Just the idea. A slow paced, puzzle, worldbuilder, that has an awesome relaxing atmosphere. Yes, I can totally see where the ‘romantik’ part is coming from.

Dorfromantik Starter Screenshot

These hexagons are your friend

In Dorfromantik you will be presented with a simple challenge. There is a starting tile, and you must build up a world around it. You can place hexagons onto the map with different attributes. Some have forests on them, some have cities, while other, more complicated ones have train tracks or rivers. It’s all very familiar if you have ever put together a game map for ‘The Settlers of Catan‘.

In fact, at one time while I was playing, my girlfriend looked at my screen and asked: ‘Why are you playing Catan on the computer?’ – yep they do look similar.

I’m sure, that down the line of Early Access, there will be an creative mode, where you won’t be restricted by resources. However, as it stands, today, in the only available mode you have a limited hexagonal tiles to put down onto the map.

To earn more tiles you have to compete mini quests. These quests are usually very simple, like put together a forest that has 1000 trees. Or build a city that has 60+ houses. Once the quest is complete, you will be rewarded with some more tiles.

Dorfromantik Screenshot 2

High Score!

The game is over when you run out of hexagons to place down. Once this happens you are presented with your score. Every time you place a hexagon you earn some points. Then after you complete quests, you earn some points. Also, there are markers on the map that you can complete by closing down an area. For example, if a forest has a bonus point marker, you will get those bonus points by completely closing down the forest with non-forest tiles.

This is the basic gameplay loop today. You earn points, you put down hexagons, and you try to complete the quests for more hexagons. It’s simple, yet intuitive and above all addicting. Definitely has that one more game aspect to it, especially as games last anywhere from 10-20 minutes only.

Beauty All Around

Although the gameplay is very simple, the game does an awesome job to engage the player with its presentation. There are a lot of interesting tiles and regardless of the low poly art style you can see the love and polish that goes into the design.

The game is very pleasing to look at, especially once you have built up a big map. No matter how you put the hexagons together it seems like the end result is always a somewhat believable place. Hopefully in the future we will see some mountains and hills as it is all very flat right now. Regardless, the game looks amazing, I really think that they have nailed down the presentation.

Dorfromantik Screenshot Bigmap

Good Early Access

Now it’s hard to tell where the Early Access will take this title. It’s always a gamble with these games. However, even today, the game is totally playable. This means that I can easily recommend this as an Early Access game to add to your collection.

Those who are looking for high-octane action or deep strategy will be disappointed. Those who love the slow pace and peaceful nature of a world builder puzzle game will have tons of fun with Dorfromantik.

You can grab Dorfromantik on G2A or Steam.


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