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Easter Themed Video Games to Play This Holiday



Easter Videogames Featured

Easter is just around the corner. We, who live in countries where Easter is celebrated, have at least Monday off, but probably even more days. It’s the perfect long weekend to wind down and play some games.

You might be wondering, okay, I’m in the Easter mood, so what can I play? Well, what can you? It occurred to me that we don’t have an awful lot of PC games, that are themed around Easter. Regardless, I’ll try to throw a list for you together, that you can try and enjoy on your off-days.

1. Fall Guys

This summer hit might just be the perfect game for Easter. Literally, everything is full of color and cuteness in Fall Guys. It’s especially a fun game if you haven’t played it before. Strap into your weird suits on Friday and blast aways the weekend, competing for the crown.

There is also a game mode, where you steal eggs. With all the colorful characters, maps, and the egg mode, this game might as well be an Easter game! Of course, I’m just kidding, regardless it would be a good pick.

2. Eggcelerate!

Now we are getting into the Easter spirit. We’ve just recently reviewed Eggcelerate!, and I felt like it would fit this list perfectly. Driving around in cute and colorful cars, while we try to get eggs from point A to point B.

Even though it doesn’t say anywhere, I think it perfectly fits the theme with all the cute music and colorful graphics.

3. Super Bunny Man

Videogame Super Bunny Man is another entry in the evergreen physics platformer genre. What makes it unique is the co-op mode. Oh, and also, the aesthetics. Instead of any ‘normal’ character, you play as someone in a bunny suit.

Although, still early access, the game has all the major functionality. It’s a good choice to pick up for some fun over the weekend. Play with a friend, a family member, or hop online to find random match-ups.

4. Lost Egg

In the game Lost Egg, you play as an egg. Yes, the protagonist is a literal raw egg. Somehow, you are lost. You are not where you supposed to be: in the frying pan. It’s an adventure platformer, where you as the egg, have to find your frying pan.

Quite the weird idea, but it’s actually not too shabby. The levels are hard and challenging. You roll around the obstacles, trying not to crack, and get to the end.

Lost Egg Screenshot

5. Bunny Park

Lastly, we have Bunny Park. It’s an incredibly cute game. You will be playing as an owner of a new kind of entertainment park: one that is aimed at bunnies.

You have to improve your park and make it awesome to attract bunnies. If they think they will have fun they are going to move in. You can pet them, satisfy their needs, and marvel at their cuteness. Great aesthetic style and fun gameplay. Good choice for the easter theme.


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