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Eggcelerate! Review – Just in Time for Easter



Eggcelerate! Featured Image

Eggcelerate! is a brand new driving game from developer Tim Beaudet. I want to say it’s a racing game, but I think calling it a driving game fits the genre more.

Your task is very simple: there is a huge basket strapped onto the top of your car, with an egg inside. Get to the finish without breaking the egg.

Eggcelerate! Screenshot

Driving on Eggshells

In real-life racing, there is the expression ‘driving on eggshells’. They say it when a driver wants to protect the life of the tires as much as possible. Playing Eggcelerate! I can finally relate to this feeling. You better strap yourself into your seats, because sure as hell you forgot to strap in the egg on the top of your car!

In some ways, the game is very similar to Trackmania. Sure, not as sophisticated in any way, but the budget is also a portion of the size. Just like in Trackmania, you race against the clock. On each map, you spawn on the start line, with the unsecured egg on the top of your car.

To progress to the next level, you only have one thing to do: get to the finish line, with the egg untouched. It’s a simple progression system from level to level, however, there are also two goal times. Although, failing to achieve the goal time won’t stop your progression, as a completionist I was motivated to achieve the goal on each map.

There is one more ‘hidden’ time, once you achieve the goal on each map, the developer time becomes visible. Usually, this is the real challenge, and much harder to achieve than the normal goal.

Here we have an improvement opportunity. It would have been awesome to have a global leaderboard.

Eggcelerate! Screenshot
I’ve been smashed

Don’t fall for the contraptions

Apart from bumpy roads, twists, and turns there are more obstacles to overcome. I call them contraptions, that are there to make your life harder. These range from huge hammers to boxing gloves that will hit you off the track.

There is a good variety of them and they make each level more challenging. You have to time everything right especially when you are going to beat the developer times on each level.

Speaking of levels, I would have loved to see more. There are a total of 30 in the game. They are enjoyable and fun, but it would be nice to have a bigger number like 50. For example, there is a contraption that is used on level 29 only. Not before, not after, only on that one.

Let’s try again

From a gameplay perspective, I am pleased to say that it is fun! I’ve already compared it to Trackmania and here we have a similar restart instantly button. I’ve found myself frantically restarting after each mistake to get the best time out of my runs.

It seriously managed to pull me in, and want to keep going. I only had to ragequit on a few levels. Some of them get seriously hard, with that jump on the beginning of level 27 taking the cake. Physics is for the most part consistent, which is crucial for a game like this, so thumbs up for that.

Eggcelerate! Screenshot
That’s a lot of broken eggs friend – about to add another one

Colorful and Quirky

The sound and graphics design of the game is going for the cute style. If it wasn’t so brutal with the goals, I would be tempted to say it’s a kid’s game even. Well, since you can progress to the next level by simply getting to the finish line, maybe it can be a kid’s game?

In any case, the design is very appropriate for the Easter Holiday. Super colorful. There are multiple cars, egg and basket designs, that you can choose at the beginning of levels. Or you can just let the game give you a random car each time you restart. I think the latter is the best option to experience with all the different vehicles.

The sound is okay. The music is cheerful and pleasing. Most of the cars sound OK, but there are some that are hideous. However, I’m guessing this is intentional, to add to the quirkiness of the game.

Eggcelerate! Screenshot


In the end, we are left with a colorful and enjoyable game. Clocking in at 4,94€ (6,59€ after the sale ends) starting price it’s not the most expensive investment you’ll ever make. Still, I would say this is not for everyone.

If you like driving-based challenge games, you will have fun, but the game itself is very short. If you are good, you can easily beat it in one sitting, and not a very long one at that. If you have your expectations in check, and things you will enjoy, then go for it!



  • Charming and Cheerful
  • Good Car Variety
  • Enjoyable Physics and Gameplay


  • Short
  • No Multiplayer – No Leaderboards or Hotseat either


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