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ETS and ATS New Lightning System Teaser



Euro Truck New Lights Featured

Developer SCS Software is well known for two amazing titles. They are Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. These two games have built on the success and experience SCS gathered with their previous entries into the trucking simulation games.

Both games are love within the simulation community. However, there has been some time since they are released. By the looks of planned DLC, SCS Software is looking at the continuous expansion of the current experience, rather than making new entries into the series.

Needless to say, the new DLCs that have been releasing lately, are top-notch in quality. The improvement over the base game and first couple of DLCs are insane. The developer group managed to up their game big time.

A New Lightning System

Unfortunately this is all a little bit bogged down by the original release. Although, I think the games look great, they definitely miss out on the performance gains from the last couple of years.

Already, the developer has started redesigning the ‘original’ parts of the map. With each update, they are slowly remaking it to match up with the better standard of DLC areas.

As an addition to this development, they are now teasing the new lighting system that’s coming in the 1.40 patch. Honestly, it looks like a leap forward. Really great improvement over the original. This new system takes the original game and makes it look so much better.

Patches like this show that SCS Software cares. They’ve been for a long time one of my favorite devs. Although I can’t find time to play ETS 2 anymore, I still always buy the newest DLC. You know, just in case I want to hit the road in my truck.

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