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Fall Guys Goes Epic



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Earlier last week, videogame publisher Epic Games, announced in a blog post the acquisition of Tonic Games Group. You might know them as the developers of the popular summer hit party game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Edition.

The small indie studio has caught the attention of big publishers. We don’t know if there was any bidding in the background, but the team decided to join Epic Games for their future ventures. Dave Bailey, Tonic Games Group co-founder, explains that they feel right at home with Epic. They’ve got the same vision and mindset about making games and creating wonderful entertainment for everyone.

The Future of Fall Guys

The main game of Fall Guys will not change. At least not yet. Both the developer and publisher has promised to keep continue with the game as originally planned. However, I do feel like the money injections from Epic will allow for bigger and better updates.

Right now there are no plans to make the game free-to-play. However, you can’t be sure about Epic Games. They are big on games as a service with Fortnite. Even Rocket League went free to play after some time has passed from the acquisition.

Fall Guys Screenshot

The team at Tonic Games will leverage access to new knowledge and best practices due to this deal. One of the top planned features they want to include is cross-play. The game also remains on the platform of Steam for the time being. Although the developer doesn’t plan to pull the game from their store, we will have to wait and see how that plays out in the long run.

You can read a Questions and Answers session on the Mediatonic blog post. This will give you an insight into the developers’ thinking behind the acquisition and their plans for the future.

Although we are always happy to read indie devs succeed, an acquisition like this always has two sides. We are sure that the immediate work and work conditions will remain unchanged at the office, but as time goes on, Epic Games might want more control over what happens during development.

We wish all the best for Tonic Games Group for the future of Fall Guys and any other great games they have planned. Hopefully, this relationship will end up producing many interesting games and ideas.

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