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Inspector Waffles Review



Inspector Waffles Featured

I have to admit, when I first saw Inspector Waffles I was already interested in the game. It looks like the quirky and weird point and click that I enjoy occasionally. From the first moment I saw it I loved that the protagonist is a cat detective (well inspector).

Needless to say, I was extremely happy when GOLOSO Games hooked me up with a review copy. I’ve got my copy on release day, so this review is a bit late, but please join me regardless in a look at Inspector Waffles.

Barkbuster Screenshot

Cat and Dog Jokes Everywhere

The game is your usual point and click adventure. You go from room to room and from backdrop to backdrop, only to click on everything and get a commentary from the characters. The main protagonist is a cat. This of course is a great source of humor in the game.

However, it’s not just cats. Your sidekick is an overly happy dog (aren’t they all overly happy though?) who will provide the dog jokes. On your travels, you will occasionally meet other animals too, with their own set of weird animal humor. I think you get it by now. The game uses animals to draw comparisons between humans. It’s the main source of humor in the game and I honestly loved it. Might not be for everyone, but with me, it hit right at home.

A Case to Uncover

The main story revolves around a murder of an extremely rich cat. In fact, this cat owns a company that makes boxes for cats – apparently, everyone loves the boxes they make. You start your journey by investigating this murder, but it will quickly turn into much more.

I will not spoil anything else from the story, however, it is well written. There are nice twists that the player can’t anticipate (or at least I didn’t). In the end, however, once the last piece of the puzzle is in place, it will form a well-written story. I think it’s one of the strong points for the game.

During the story, I especially loved the characters and the dynamic between them. Conversations are well written and witty. As you progress through the game, you will grow fond of the protagonist and their sidekick.

Inspector Waffles Cityscape

That’s a lot of Pixels

Aesthetically the game looks all right. It’s your run-of-the-mill pixel art style. I’m not going to act like we haven’t seen it before. The artists working on the game did a great job, however. Characters are unique and environments are nicely put together.

The game looks its best when you are in a big environment. Usually, in these places, the camera will zoom out, and you will have a beautifully crafted scene ahead of you. Unfortunately, in the more constricted places, the camera will zoom in, and in turn, the game will not look as great.

Some of these places also have a very busy background, which makes it even worse. It’s only a few rooms in the whole game, but I think it worths the mention. General, it looks cool, apart from some of these smaller and busy rooms.

Mom? … Yea, I need some help.

This game has one of the weirdest features. It’s genius quite honestly. You know, when playing point and click games, I often find myself googling for walkthroughs. Many of them have just the stupidest ideas of items to combine and places to go to progress.

In Inspector Waffles you are given an SOS line. At any point in the game, you can call your mom, who was a star detective in her prime. When you do this, she will give you some quick tips on how to proceed from the current situation. Love it! No more googling for clues.

There is however a small problem with this: only one time I called for help was it actually something I didn’t know. Many times she just repeated what I was already thinking. Like, yes I know I am supposed to do that, but HOW? That said, the game is not particularly hard. Mostly when I had difficulties it was from items put into heavily pixelated places. Sometimes it was really hard to notice them. Not sure if it’s intentional or not.

Fun fact, at the end of the game, the game will tell you how many times you called your mommy for help. What a way to make you feel like a loser.

Inspector Waffles Police Station


Unfortunately, the biggest weak point of the game is the length. It’s roughly 3-4 hours long. If you want to go for the completionist it can be quite a bit longer, because to collect everything you have to solve the hardest puzzles. Overall, despite the short story, it was a very enjoyable experience. As already mentioned I think the story and writing are on point.

At 11,99€ it’s a good choice for those who think will enjoy the humor and theme. If I’m honest, the game would have got another 0.5 points if it was just one hour longer.

Score 7.5


  • Great Writing
  • Lovable Characters
  • Good Humor


  • Short
  • A little too easy

You can purchase Inspector Waffles on Steam for 11,99€.


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