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Manage a Film Studio in Moviehouse



Today, I just came across the game Moviehouse. According to their Steam page, it is set for release during the summer. The game is being developed by Odyssey Studios, an indie team based in Latvia.

In the game, you will start from the bottom. A small movie studio, just opening it’s doors in the ’80s. That’s you. You will have to make your own success. Make the right movies, hire the right stars, and raise to new heights.

It’s a really intriguing idea. Looking at the screenshots, I think this game will be very similar to Game Dev Tycoon. There will be multiple options for you to select the type of movie to make and actors to use. In the end, the choices you make will decide whether the movie resonates with the audience or not.

Fun Posters

Right now, as a ‘free bonus,’ the devs have released their movie poster generator. It is the same that will generate posters ingame. You can check it out at It’s a fun little tool to click around for a few minutes, but don’t expect your mind to be blown.

I will definitely keep an eye out on this one. I still remember The Movies by Lionhead Studios. It was such an amazing game. I loved making my own movies and setting up the scenes. Although it looks like I won’t be able to direct scene-to-scene in Moviehouse, I think it has great potential.

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