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Mech Mechanic Simulator Dropping Tomorrow Onto Steam



Mech Mechanic Simulator Cover Image

Are these ‘mechanic simulator’ types of games getting out of hand? I definitely did not expect to ever get a Mech Mechanic Simulator when I first played the original Mechanic Simulator. Regardless, it’s here and the Steam page is up.

I know it’s surprising, but in this game, you will be fixing and prepping mech to battle. Loves of previous entries in the genre will surely find new challenges and hardships to overcome. I think people who love games centered around mech combat will also enjoy the title.

Good Initial Impressions

The game is releasing on the 25th of March, and has a free to play Prologue. If you are on the fence try this version, or play the demo, because that’s available too. The general reception of the Prologue is ‘Very Positive’ on steam. People seem to enjoy fixing up mechs.

However, just keep in mind, that even the prologue is unpolished (unlike the mechs you will prepare – DUH). Now, I don’t know how this will translate to the main game. We will have to see how well the developer has listened to the people and if they managed to fix most of the outstanding issues.

For now I would advise wait a few days and reviews before you pick it up, as there might be issues present on launch. If you love mechs so much that you don’t care about the issues, then it will definitely be a good fit for you.

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