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Missing travel? Try the new release, Iceland South Coast



Iceland South Coast

Developer Revery Interactive has come up with an interesting concept. They have faithfully recreated the South Coast of Iceland. The game is made in Unreal Engine and was heavily influenced by Death Stranding and Caves RD.

Now, don’t expect enemies to pop up in this one though. It’s just you and nature. The whole game is about exploration. You have a nice chunk of landmass to walk on and explore. You can expect to be doing pretty much the same as you would if you visited in real life.

To be honest, this game might have not resonated with me too much, if it wasn’t for the recent lockdowns. I personally miss a good vacation and love to explore new places. Even the first, very cut-back version of No Man’s Sky was fun for me. It was all about exploration. In fact, many of the new mechanics and gamification systems didn’t add too much for me. I just love to explore, and you can do exactly this in-game Iceland South Coast.

You can grab it on Steam or

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