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New Noteworthy Indies Shipping This Week (March 15)



New Games This Week Featured

Let’s see what kind of new releases this week holds in terms of indie gaming for us. There are some exciting titles you will be able to buy and check out. Whether you are looking for a space strategy game or maybe saving some lives as 911 operators, this week you will be able to do both.

Star Dynasties

The game Star Dynasties will be available as a Steam Early Access title on the 16th of March. As per the lore of the game, when humankind ventures out of our blue planet to explore the vast deepness of space, tragedy happens: Earth is destroyed.

Due to this even, the remaining human civilizations fall right into a new dark age. You will be playing as a leader for one of the factions. In this role-playing, strategy hybrid you will have to make sure you and your nation survive these dark times.

From the Steam description, the game sounds like a space version of Crusader Knights. Since it will be coming out on Early Access, I’m sure many of the initial features will be missing. However, it’s worth keeping an eye out on this one, because the main idea definitely shows promise.

Cartel Tycoon Screenshot

Rogue State Revolution

Rogue State Revolution is an awesome-looking strategy and roguelike hybrid. The game is going to be available for purchase on the 18th of March. The game describes itself as a ‘thrilling political strategy’. You will be in control of the presidency of the People’s Republic of Basenji. Your task is simple: lead the country on the path of success.

To achieve this you will have to play the game of politics. Lying, bribing and trust issues are part of your everyday routine. Honestly, the game sounds super fun. I’m always up for some virtual political strategy.

Emergency Call 112 – The Fire Fighting Simulation 2

A brand new simulation strategy from Germany. Looks like Germans are still putting out countless simulation types of games each year. However, a few of them can actually stand on their own. Emergency Call 112 (which is 911 in the EU) is one such game.

You will control a group of firefighters. You will have to respond quickly and effectively to your tasks in order to save the people of Germany. If you are a fan of these types of games, the new release will surely be a solid entry into the genre.

Emergency Simulator 911 Screenshot

Cartel Tycoon

Another one that’s coming to the Early Access platform of Steam. In Cartel Tycoon, you will have to manage a drug empire in the late 80s. The main feature of the game is scale. You don’t just manage one part of the operation, but rather the whole. From production to supply line management, you will have to outsmart authorities and bank in the huge cash to upgrade your empire.

Mr. Prepper

Looks like this week we have an abundance of simulation/strategy games. In Mr. Prepper you will manage your own nuclear shelter. Get ready for the end of the world and build the best shelter under your home. You can play it from the 18th of March.

Mr. Prepper Screenshot


In Neurodeck you will face your inner phobias. It’s a brand new roguelike deckbuilder. However, instead of dungeons to clear or people to save, you will go one to one against your mind. Defeat your phobias and build the best deck to fend them off. Interesting concept, with great art style. Keep an eye out for our review, out later this week.

Neurodeck Screenshot

These are our top pick for game releases this week. Check out more in our news section.


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