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NIMBY Rails: Live Out Your Transport Fantasies on Early Access



NIMBY Rails Featured

NIMBY Rails is a brand new transportation management game by the studio Weird and Wry. This new breed of transport tycoon game was released onto the Steam Early Access forum earlier this year. The developers plan to complete development and leave early access in around a year’s time. However, as they are building a game on a complex premise, this deadline can change. Don’t worry, even today the game is fully playable. As time goes on it will only improve.

What is NIMBY Rails?

On their steam page, the developer highlights, that for them this is one of the most ambitious and intimate projects. The two-man team is a true fan of transportation tycoon type of games. They explain, that as they were playing such games, they always had a more ambitious idea on the back of their heads. They aim to break down and remove the limits that exist in traditional tycoon games. This makes NIMBY Rails the biggest and most life-like example of a transport management game.

In the game NIMBY Rails, the whole world is your playground. Take this quite literally, as the team has created a map-like representation of the earth. Filled with real-life cities, roads and buildings, they take management to a whole new level.

Whenever you are building your carefully thought-out lines, you will need to keep the real-world object in mind. You can’t simply cross each and every road and street as you wish. You need to think properly planning your lines out.

NIMBY Rails Screenshot

Trams, Subway, Trains

Luckily in NIMBY Rails, you are not restricted to just one type of transportation method. You can choose from trams, subways and different type of trains. You will be able to build tunnels, viaducts and bridges to help you scale rough terrain.

One of the best features in any management game is simulating the individual. We are happy to tell you that NIMBY Rails have simulation for individual passengers. Every person who engages with your vehicles has a destination in mind. If they need to change lines during travel they will happily make the connections.

You have to take care of your passengers in the game. They won’t be shy to rate your service based on travel time and fees. If they have a bad trip, they will tell their friends on social media. The negative reviews will affect the demand for your services. Be careful as this might mean the demise of your company.

NIMBY Rails Screenshot

Build With Friends

The game features an extensive offline mode for all your management desires. You will be able to build and play as you wish, without interruption from anyone. What’s even better, the online mode is already in the game. Even as an early access title, you can make your own private lobbies and play co-operative multiplayer with your friends.

You can grab the NIMBY Rails Early Access over at their official steam page for 13,99€.


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