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One Try Tower – The Roguelike Where You Don’t See S**t



One Try Tower Featured

I’ve got the chance to check out the Steam Early Access version of One Try Tower. It’s a 2D side-scrolling roguelike. You can pick from multiple characters. Each of them has different weapons to defeat your foes.

The unique thing about the game is visibility. Or, rather, the lack of it. Each one of the playable characters has a unique helmet. This helmet will block part of your screen. Mind you, not a small part, but a HUGE part. Honestly, it’s a unique idea. Too bad it doesn’t work.

I can’t see!

Most of the game happens on the blocked off parts. You get a glimpse of enemies, then you have to guess when you reach it, or when will it reach you. Same goes for obstacles, you have to remember where they are, because next time they are in your vision it might be too late.

It doesn’t sound too bad when described, however in practice it’s extremely annoying not to see your screen. I have all these pixels on my monitor and more than half of them is blocked off. C’mon there must be a better way to implement this idea.

One Try Tower Screenshot

Clunky Gameplay

Let’s say, I could live with the restricted gameplay view. Even, if that was true, there are other problems. The gameplay is extremely clunky and unresponsive. Every attack happens at the speed of a snail.

The rooms of the game are mostly empty. There are some traps and obstacles here and there, but it feels like ages before you meet your first actual enemy. Balancing is all over the place, but that can be fixed over time.

Right now it costs 2,39€ on Steam, with the price doubling after Early Access release. Will have to see how the EA development proceeds, but at the moment, even 2,39€ is questionable. Hopefully, the developer can make the game more interesting and responsive in design. Maybe if the gameplay is top-notch, I will be able to live with the weird choice to limit my vision.


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