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Oh No, Overcooked! All You Can Eat Is Undercooked!



Overcooked! All You Can Eat Bad Reception

As we have reported already, the brand new remastered version of Overcooked! has just been released. It contains all the games and DLC released for the series so far. Additionally, the devs team over at Team17 and Ghost Town Games rehashed the graphics to bring it up to modern standards. Along with the previous releases, brand new maps and an online multiplayer mode were promised.

We need more ingredients?

Well as it turns out there are a total of 7 brand-new maps released. Okay, let’s consider, in overcooked you can replay maps with friends to have fun. However, still, usually games last just a couple of seconds. These 7 new maps don’t add that much extra content.

The other main feature is online multiplayer. Right off the bat, steam Remote Play is not supported. This is a huge minus for the community. Yes, I know, it’s coming at a later date, but then shouldn’t the game stay in the oven for a couple of more hours? Add to this, the normal online multiplayer is quite messy at this launch. Lots of connection and game finding issues.

Another problem being reported by users is controller support. The game struggles to identify some of the controllers (XB360 included) and straight-up refuses to work with Steam Controller as of today. Even better, when you use a Dual Shock the icons don’t change from Xbox icons. Ouch!

Anyone who owns the previous titles will get a 15% discount from the game. This is nice, but considering the low amount of extra content and the launch problems, it might be worth waiting for a bigger sale to pick this one up.

Currently, the game is rated ‘Mostly Negative’ on Steam. For newcomers to the series that don’t own any of the previous ones, this is still a great deal though.

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