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Planet Zoo Free 1.5 Update Detailed



Planet Zoo Featured

Planet Zoo, the Zoo management game from Frontier Developments is getting a huge free update on the 30th of March. In their latest blog post, the developers explain what you can expect from this new free update.

Main Enhancements

1) Water Options

A long requested feature will be added to the game. In the new update, when you click a body of water, a new UI will appear. Here you will be able to see the most important information about the water. Even more, you will be able to change some visual settings as well. This will help you with customizing your awesome Zoo the way you want it.

2) Multiple Entrances

Another feature that the community has been waiting for. In the new patch, you can place multiple Zoo entrances. This will allow you to plan your park more efficiently.

3) Billboards

Planet Coaster already has them. Now the billboards are coming to Planet Zoo. You will be able to fully customize them however you want. This is another important feature for anyone who is looking to completely customize the look of their entertainment area.

4) Free Scenario

You will also get a brand new scenario to beat, for free. It’s set before the game being, when ‘Bernie’ created his first zoo ever.

5) Scenario Rewards

Apart from the free scenario, rewards are also added for every single one of theme. These come in the form of statues that you will be able to place in your park after you beat the correspondent challenge.

I believe that these five are the biggest changes coming completely free to the game. There are more smaller changes and tweaks that will drop with the patch.

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