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Rogue Glitch Featured

Numskull Games just released their latest game, out of early access today. It’s called Rogue Glitch and you can grab it free on Steam right now.

Keep in mind though, only the offline portion of the game is free. If you want to play online multiplayer with your friends, you will have to unlock it through paid DLC. I think it’s a great model for a small indie game. You can try and enjoy playing alone but will be asked to pay a small fee for gaming with your friends.

Rogue Glitch, The Rougelike

The game is a brand new roguelike. It’s colorful and super fast-paced. It has a lot of platforming elements and I think it’s safe to say that the developers have played a lot of Super Meatboy in the past.

You will be jumping around the neon landscape while you shoot down all the enemies. It has a classic roguelike progression, where you can unlock permanent upgrades for yourself between runs.

Apart from permanent upgrades, you will get pickups within your runs too. You can buff your damage and fire rate output with them.

One of the more interesting design choices the developer made is auto-attack. Due to this, there is no designated button for attacking. Good thing that I have played the tutorial. Otherwise, I would have been confused about how to attack!

Regardless, the game is good fun. It’s free and you don’t have to sacrifice a lot of HDD or SSD space to store it. If you are into roguelike and roguelite games, we recommend that you check this one out. You can grab it from the Steam page.


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