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ProtoCorgi is an old-school shoot ’em up



Proto Corgi Featured

Shoot ’em ups have always been the old-school genre of gaming. They were around before most other genres were even born. Strictly speaking, Space Invaders is a Shoot ’em up.

In the past years, we’ve had infinite variations on the genre. Some featured fighter jets, some helicopters while others spaceships. Then we’ve had the genre, bullet hell, born. Things started to get crazy and we started to receive games like Touhou Project. Now there were no more spaceships or planes. It was our characters and the heroes of the story who had to fly through the map and shoot everything.

Corgi entered the chat

In a new twist, we can do this as a Corgi in ProtoCorgi. The developers must really love the dog breed Corgi to make such a game around it. Don’t know where the idea came from, however, I had to admit the art style looks cute. The protagonist is especially well designed.

Other parts of the game look like your run-of-the-mill shoot ’em up experience. We will have to wait and see once the game is out. You can check the Steam page for more info.

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