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Simulator Emergency Call 112 – The Fire Fighting Simulation 2 Off to a Bad Start



Emergency Call 112 Game Screen

The brand new simulation game from major simulation published Aerosoft is off to a rocky start. The game is supposed to be a first responder simulator, mainly centered about firefighters.

From the trailers it looked promising, however now that it’s released, the official Steam user rating is ‘Mostly Negative‘. Many buyers feel like the game is simply not complete. There are way too many bugs and issues currently. The worst is the performance. Most people can’t seem to maintain a proper 60fps framerate, from the otherwise quiet mediocre-looking game.

The basic sentiment is, that the game looks and feels like an early-access release. However, in fact, it is a full on 1.0 release. Hopefully the dev team will work hard on fixing the issues, however the road will be difficult.

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