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Fans of the management genre can get excited about Teamfight Manager, the newest addition. The game was released on the first of March. The developer is the Korean group of Team Samoyed. Unfortunately at this time, they don’t even have an English webpage. Let’s find out in this Teamfight Manager review, if the game is worth your time or not.

Lately, we have been getting a ton of different ‘simulator’ and ‘manager‘ games. Unfortunately most of them exist, purely to bank in on the genre. Luckily for every bad entry we have ourselves a Stardew Valley or Prison Architect kind of game.

Pick, Ban, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

In Teamfight Manager, you assume the role of an esport team manager. Your sole objective is to lead your team to victory. Your team will of players be facing off in a champion based team fight arena game. You have to manage your players, their equipment and their choices during pre-game. However, once the fighting starts you can only hope your players will be in their best form. From there they have control, and you can watch the events unfold. Nothing more fun than watching your team get absolutely obliterated after a misjudged pick.

The MOBA Style game your team is playing works a lot like a real-life counterpart. Each matchup starts with picking heroes. There are a ton of heroes in this game, and you will have to learn what works and what doesn’t work together. The learning curve is pretty similar to in a normal MOBA game where it’s you who plays the champions.

Before picking you will have an opportunity to review and ban certain heroes you don’t want to play against. Interestingly enough, the game has its own meta. You have to know the meta and ban accordingly. During each in-game season, patches will be released. Each patch will change the meta slightly, or in some cases in a major way. Champions get buffed, while others are nerfed into uselessness. It’s quirky how much life-like the patch system in the game is.

After everything is set the players will fight it out within the arena. Depending on your tactic and team skill, you will win or lose. Once the game is over you will have an opportunity to review your team member’s stats. You can train them, buy new equipment or hire the rising stars into your team.

Outside the Arena

Once the fighting is over, your team retreats to its base. Your team all live together in a big house. Here you have the opportunity to craft items that will make the team better at the next round. Just like a real-life esport team, training is important. You will have to allocate players to train with each-other during the resting period. Each of your team’s members can train a specific role or champion.

You will also have the opportunity each season to sign new players. Although they can be quite expensive, it’s a great way to make the team better. It’s especially useful to hire a new guy when one of your roles was not trained properly.

You can also upgrade the building you live in. This will make training easier and allow for extra facilities.

The Future of Teamfight Manager

Right now the biggest problem of the game is polishing. Although, you will still have a great time and enjoy it if you are into the genre. The developer has already promised free updates and continuous support going forward.

Although it is already released on steam, we would say it’s only around 90% complete. You have all the features developed. Everything works properly, but there are just issues with the finish. Once the development team can iron out and fix most of the bugs and issues, it will be an amazing game.


Teamfight Manager is a simple yet engaging piece of the management game. You are guaranteed to have a ton of fun if you like the management genre. Although the game definitely needs a little bit of polish, the developer seems to be responsive, and care about their game.

At 8,19€ it gets a recommendation from us. For those who are into management type of games, or love DOTA style games it’s a great pick. You will be able to sink countless hours of fun into this one.


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