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Terraria Smashes Through 35 million copies sold



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They say that hard work will be rewarded. Although in my experience, this might not always be true, it certainly is for the developers of Terraria.

It’s crazy to think back, that the game was released in 2011. That’s ten years ago! When I saw it, I thought, ‘nice a 2d Minecraft clone’. In 2011 Minecraft was all the craze. Needless to say, I instantly jumped onto the opportunity to try Terraria.

While, yes, it shares some similarity with Minecraft, I was surprised to find out how different it is. The game of Terraria puts a much greater emphasis on combat, fun weapons, and challenging bosses. It has received a great reception and was a successful release.

Terraria 35 Million Achievement

MOAR Content!

At this point, the dev team at Re-Logic could have said great, let’s move onto the next project. However, they think of Terraria as a passion project. They continued to develop the game for that past decade. What a good choice!

Today it’s available on literally every platform you can game on. However, the team didn’t just spend all their time porting the game. No, they have spent a lot of time expanding it. Today, the game you play as Terraria is a totally different game from the one released in 2011.

They have done a great job with the game, and we wish them many successful years to come.

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