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The Tenants Preview – Try The Free Trial



The Tenants Featured

Developer Ancient Forge Studio just released a preview version of their brand new game The Tenants. This free trial version of their game comes as a pre-release package, with limited gameplay progression.

Basically, you will be able to get a grasp of the main mechanics in the game and experience the first couple of hours.

Rent is Due

In The Tenants, you are playing as a real-estate mogul. You will have to start out small though. In the beginning, you don’t even have a property to rent out. Small renovation and cleaning jobs will be your only income. It’s a great slow intro into the game that will let you grasp the controls and available mechanics.

Not long after you’ve done some jobs, your uncle will have you a surprise. An old, run-down apartment building. He says it’s not much, but a present to you. From here on your objective will be to do small jobs for other people until you can renovate the apartment.

Once you renovate your gift home, you will be able to rent it out. This is where the real fun begins. Of course in the first couple of days, you will actually need to keep performing small tasks, but now you have a steady income.

The Tenants Screenshot

With your hard-earned cash, you will be able to buy new apartments to renovate. You can decide how good or cheap you will go with furniture. This will, of course, affect the rental price. A nicer apartment will attract nicer tenants. This is basically the main gameplay loop. It’s like management version of House Flipper. For the fans of both management and renovation niches, this is a very solid entry.

However, don’t you think it’s smooth sailing after you have your tenants? No, just like in real life, the people renting your apartments will have all kind of problems. Sometimes it’s a roach infection. Another time something brakes, or they party all night long and trash the place. You will have to manage and keep them happy.

Room for Improvement

This is a pre-release version of the game. The developer released it into the wild to get people a little taste of their game. However, they also want feedback. I’ve only encountered minor bugs, nothing serious. Right now, I feel like the UI need some improvement. Everything is a little bit cluttered. When you are searching for furniture items, everything is in a ‘category’, but there is no search, or way to view all items at once. These parts need some serious UI overhaul, as I’ve spent time looking for items.

The Tenants Screenshot

My major issue right now is the right mouse button. Just like many RTS games, you can use the right mouse button to move around the map. However, it’s also the button for cancel. This means that any time I have some item selected, for example, a wall paint, the game will cancel my selection when I move the map around with RMB. Although, it doesn’t sound too bad, for me it just felt clunky to reselect whatever tool I was using.

You can check out The TenantsFree Trial on Steam for no extra charge.


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