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Townscaper is The Chill Town Builder You Need



Townscaper Featured

If you are looking for a town builder game where aesthetics is the thing that matters, look no further than Townscaper. It is currently out on Steam Early Access. The game is worked on by a solo dev called Oskar Stålberg.

Townscaper Screenshot

Build Those Blocks

The simple town builder game of Townscaper presents you with an empty scene. All you see is a plot of water. Wherever you click building blocks will start to appear. On the first level they will form streets, but if you keep clicking, they will grow into buildings.

This way you can make bigger creations, towers, lighthouses and whatever your creativity can come up with. There is no resource management here. This game is all about aesthetics and a chill-out experience.

I think the simplicity is what makes this great town builder perfect. You will be able to sketch up a nice looking city within seconds. If you want to get inspiration from others you can also check out the workshop page. You will be able to browse trough endless designs of real and fake cities.

In Mediterranean Style

As I’ve mentioned already the game is all about aesthetics. All of the buildings within have a great Mediterranean architectural style. Whenever I am building something in this game, I always start to crave pizza.

The colorful buildings and charming little streets will want to make you take a vacation. It’s amazing how this little game can magically teleport Italy right onto my livingroom.

Should You Get Townscaper Early Access?

The game surely doesn’t have a lot of features. However, that’s not the point here. There isn’t even a failure state, but who cares about that when cuteness and charming townscapes are appearing on my screen? If you like chill-out games where you can flaunt your creativity, this might be just up your alley. Not sure where the dev wants to take this, but I can see a lot of ways to make it even more worth your time.

Townscaper Screenshot

You can get Townscaper for $5 right now on Steam.


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