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Wreckfest New Update Brings Free Reward Car



Wreckfest Featured

I know, Wreckfest is not a true indie. However, due to the relatively free directions developer Bugbear can take the game, I think at heart it’s still a little bit of an indie.

At least it started out as an indie, and if I’m honest, I’m incredibly grateful for THQ, that they picked the title up as a publisher. Otherwise it might have not managed to come out of development hell.

Woodland Dash Tournament

The new tournament in the game is called Woodland Dash and is available for free after the update. Along with the new tournament comes with a brand new free reward car: the Hammerhead RS. You can play the tourney and earn points to unlock it.

Good news for Xbox Series X owners: the new patch will come with a 60FPS/4K support mode.

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